About Us

About the group

Hello, welcome to W.F.P.S we are a paranormal investigation group in Wichita Falls/Sheppard AFB area. We serve in Southern OK and northern TX. We do travel based on the type and the location of said investigation, and yet we do not charge money for coming to people’s homes and businesses to investigate.

W.F.P.S. is comprised of volunteers of different backgrounds, each member bring their own unique benefit to the team.  Along with personal experiences, we use scientific equipment as well as audio and video recording. We use only documented evidence to prove a haunting. We know that activity does not happen on command and if possible we try to conduct multiple investigations at the locations in attempt to document any activity.

We will accept donations since we do not any sponsors or extra funding so it is all funded by the investigators themselves, Due to funding and travel we have to make decisions on investigations.

Our group does not preform cleansings, or get rid of ghosts. We only record,observe and document the investigations.