Members needed.

If your truly interested in the paranormal field and desire to seek answers while helping others, we have a spot for you. Must be honest, reliable and dedicated. We keep our clients information confidential and this is a must… contact if you believe you are a good fit. We try to setup investigations for Friday or Saturday night.

4 thoughts on “Members needed.”

  1. Just moved here from Los Angeles. I have been investigating for 5 years now, and wanted to get involved with your group here. I think this city has an interesting history and I would love to see how that translates into the paranormal realm. I’m an empath and I also study demonology in my free time. Please email me if you guys are doing anything soon! I hope COVID has not negatively impacted your ventures!


    1. Yes members are are welcome. As of now with Covid private investigations have been none in about a year, as well as caused loss of members. Currently there are 3 active members left in group. Any new members would be required to be met by all members and then voted on. Everyone has to be able to bring something to the team and being committed to the better of the team. We are self funded and each member must help support the expenses. Currently investigations we are doing are bucket list investigations that require us to pay to investigate.


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